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In the late 19th Century, in this small town atthe foot of mount Monviso, the Albertengo bakers churned out crispy and fragrant bread for all the local people. The secrets and the art of baking were handed down from generation to generation until the 50s, when the Italian economic miracle took place. In this prosperous moment, Domenico Albertengo and his wife Caterina had a far-sighted intuition. The consumers’ needs were increasing because of the well-being in our Country, the Italians wanted to allow themselves a cake which is unique and traditional at the same time. This is how the first “Panettone Albertengo” was born.

The selection of the best raw materials has always made the difference between Panettone Albertengo and any other panettone. The firm has always looked for the best suppliers, trying to create a long lasting bond, that encourages a continuous and mutual quality research.

The dough too follows this philosophy. It has always been produced using a special mother yeast that needs to be renewed every day, even when it is not produced. Once mixed all the raw materials to prepare the dough, at least 48 hours are needed to make it soft and tasty and turn the ingredients into the original Panettone Albertengo. The result is a unique and unforgettable cake that joins the tradition of the baker family and the permanent research for culinary excellence.

The secret of the Albertengo Panettone lies in the perfect balance between all its ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, yeast, sugar, fruit and nuts come together in a sublime way as a result of a slow process, managed by expert and caring hands. Few people actually know how much effort and dedication is required to create an authentic sourdough Panettone: its well-proportioned shape, the softness of the dough and flavours that it yields are the result of over 100 years of experience in which the Albertengo family has been making this Italian Christmas cake, among the most popular in the world. This is the only way an unforgettable product can be created. 


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